Foundry services

The aluminum casting workshop makes castings by casting in a chill mold, under high pressure, into the ground, weighing from 0.03 kg to 50 kg. The use of progressive casting methods makes it possible to obtain castings of increased accuracy, with a dense structure and minimal machining allowances. The workshop accepts orders for aluminum casting on your mold or we make our own. The main aluminum alloys are AK12M2MgN, AK7, AK5M2, AK9. The production capacity of the workshop is 2000 tons of aluminum casting per year.


The iron casting workshop produces castings by casting in sandy-clay molds, and also by centrifugal machines, weighing from 1 to 50 kg. The main castings produced in the workshop are auto-tractor sleeves and cylinders. Custom-made iron casting according to your drawings, yours or ours molds.